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AgeTech: Using Technology in Novel Ways to Address the Aging Population
Kristin Parker, VP of Compliance and Operations at RiskScout has seen a major shift in the way the pandemic changed the adoption of fintech-type services by the boomer and older generations. “Generations that were thought to be less tech-savvy prior to the pandemic are demanding the ease of digital-first solutions in the banking arena.”

continuing the nfo series on innovation centers for fintechs

A discussion with Aurelie Cornett, Startup Collaboration Director for the AgeTech Collaborative ™ from AARP®.  


We sat down with Kelly Fryer, Executive Director of Fintech Sandbox, and learned about the center’s central focus on data access, non-profit status and not to call them an “accelerator.” 


September’s NFO Salt Lake Event

NFO had an incredible networking event at the University of Utah, hosted by Stena Center for Financial Technology, LoanPro and MX. Special thanks to our friends at Stephens Inc., who volunteered to help organize and co-sponsor this event. 

Speakers included: Ryan Christiansen, Exec. Director at the Stena Center for Financial Technology, got things started with his vision and shared some powerful milestones and Fintech-specific data points and LoanPro’s founder, Rhett Roberts, shared his concept of “Utah’s Fintech Flywheel.”

June’s NFO Hosted Dinner Event in Omaha

NFO hosted a fintech dinner event in Omaha with our friends at Core Bank. Thank you, Stephens Inc. and FinXTech for your support. NFO events are designed to create introductions and interesting conversations.

Birmingham’s Sponsored May Dinner Event

NFO hosted a fintech dinner event in Birmingham in May featuring great company and conversation. Thank you to HC3, Synovus, Quantalytix, and FIntegrate for sponsoring.

Austin’s NFO Reception

NFO and Praxent sponsored a reception in Austin on November 17th at Licha’s Cantina. The fintech event lead to a number of introductions and lively discussion. Thank you to our media partner, This Week in Fintech. We look forward to returning.

Nashville’s NFO Hosted Dinner

About 30 fintech, banking and investment executives met in Nashville to introduce NFO. We’d like to thank our sponsors, Stephens Inc., FinXTech and William Mills Agency. Nashville is providing to be a strong market for innovation and we intend to be back soon.

Business Formation & Management

Accelerate Sales by Avoiding Buyer Dissatisfaction

With Denis Brosnan and Heather Sugg

It’s a New Year: Renew Your Focus on Cashflow, Clean Up Your Pricing Model, and Protect Your Business (and Yourself)

By Denis Brosnan

Empowering Your Workforce

A conversation about the need for companies to redefine employee expectations and expand their digital capabilities to meet today’s reality


NVCA Resources

Model legal documents, DEI documents, operating principles and much more from the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

Pitchbook Creation Services

Visit these options for pitchbook creative services:

Customer discovery

Systematizing Fintech Revenue Generation

This article from Denis Brosnan outlines an eight-step process for systematizing fintech revenue generation.

Tell, Show, Tell – How to Make Your Software Demos Great

The software demo is a necessary evil of our business. Instead of boring, your demos can help you sift through opportunities and advance them through the pipeline.

The Flexibility Factor: Mapping Consumer Demand For Bill Payment Innovation

Two-thirds of consumers choose to pay their bills directly with billers rather than using their banks’ bill payment services. In this collaboration between PYMNTS and BillGO, more than 2,200 consumers were asked what it would take for them to make the bank, and not the biller, their go-to choice for bill payment.

regulatory compliance

Enhancing Risk & Compliance

Microsoft’s Sandeep Mangaraj and Emily McCormick, Bank Director’s vice president of research, discuss how financial institutions seek to use technology to mitigate risk and comply with regulations.

State of Third-Party Risk Management

In their annual whitepaper, Venminder surveyed individuals from a wide variety of organizations and industries, including financial services, fintech, retail, insurance, healthcare, information technology and more, to gain insight into how organizations manage third-party risk.

11 Common Due Diligence Requests for a Fintech Provider

This infographic from Venminder is a helpful breakdown of some of the common due diligence requests your fintech may receive from an organization.


The Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Companies of 2021

From capital markets to insurance and digital banking to wealth management, CB Insights has unveiled the fourth annual Fintech 250—a list of 250 of the top private fintech companies using technology to transform financial services.

Slack Groups

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guides, data & statistics

FT Partners Quarterly Fintech Insights and Annual Almanac

FT Partners’ Fintech Insight Reports are published ion a quarterly basis, along with a comprehensive year-end Almanac. All information included in the reports is sourced from FT Partners’ Propriety Transaction Database.

The Ultimate Guide to Open Banking

This guide from MX, a leading digital transformation platform for banks, credit unions, fintechs, and partners, defines open banking and explores how it can be rolled out across nations and institutions.

The Fintech Dictionary

Comprehensive fintech dictionary from Moov, a platform that supports multiple payment options in one system.

The Fintech Effect: Fintech’s mass Adoption Moment

This report from Plaid contains the latest insight and expert analysis on why 88% of U.S. consumers are now using digital apps and services to manage their finances.

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